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Danners Ground Breaking

About Danner’s Incorporated

Danner’s Inc. Combines Experience, Expertise, and Cutting Edge Technology to Offer Highly Effective Security Services


In 1938, retired Houston Police officer, D.D. Danner, signed his first security account with Walgreens Drug Stores in Houston. The terms were for $15.00 a day, and his initial assignment was to provide security for the drug store during business hours. In addition, Danner’s began to provide security during a warehousing labor strike in the 40’s. Danner also discovered that the Houston shipping community was a place in need of better security measures. A lack of fencing, no containment, and most work done by hand was making shipping companies an easy target for theft.


DD. Danner turned his attention to this niche market, and by the following year City Council gave him permission to establish a “Watchmen Service”. The goal was to minimize the threat of looting and stowaways at Houston’s waterfront. Hence, Danner’s Security Service was established in the burgeoning shipping center of the West Gulf Coast.


In the late 1980s, Danner’s expanded their presence on the Texas Gulf by opening offices in Port Arthur and Freeport. These new offices enabled faster turnaround times and reduced costs for their clients, making Danner’s one of the most trusted independent maritime services company in the Gulf Coast area. Danner’s has a long-standing reputation of meeting and exceeding the service needs of clients around the Gulf.


The demanding need for experienced maritime security personnel and raised requirements by Homeland Security in 2002 allowed Danner’s security and transportation services to grow. By 2006, Danner’s Security expanded their security services by offering live video monitoring services through the use of surveillance cameras. Later in 2007, Danner’s Security began offering additional live video monitoring solutions that included mobile camera monitoring with the use of solar trailers and pole/wall mounted monitoring systems. In 2012, they added hardware and software solutions that gave them an edge over the competition with improved detection and response capabilities.


Brad Maxcey, president of the company and great-grandson of founder D.D. Danner, represents the fourth generation of the family-owned business. The company is moving its headquarters from the east side of Houston, where it has operated since 1939, to Pasadena — and expanding its ability to watch, transport, store, and protect. The company broke ground on their new facility in January. Sitting on four acres, it will have a new fiber network, services and equipment as well as gas generators for uninterrupted operations.


Security is necessary for everyone today. Danner’s offers a customizable range of services from live-streaming video services in a structure, remote monitoring of construction sites or on-the-ground security, and security guard services 24/7. High-tech solutions provided are:

  • video surveillance & monitoring
  • wireless security cameras
  • fixed cameras/CCTV
  • custom surveillance systems video surveillance & monitoring

What can live video monitoring bring to your business?

  1. Cost Savings. Live video monitoring is a cost-effective alternative to security guards. Switching to services, such as Danner’s Mobile Security Trailers, Pole-Mounted Monitoring Solution, or Fixed Cameras, can provide a viable security guard replacement service that can produce a return on your investment in as little as one month.
  2. Asset Protection. Live video monitoring systems protect your assets while you are absent. Danner’s mobile and fixed camera solution stream live video to their command center in seconds. If an intrusion is detected, monitoring officers immediately implement deterrents to stop intruders.
  3. Powerful Voice Down Features. Live “voice down” features enable monitoring officers to talk live to intruders. This feature is very powerful because intruders are unaware of the location source of the live operator.
  4. Temporary Protection Services. When the unexpected strikes, security needs can be quickly addressed through temporary Mobile Security Trailers or Pole Mounted Monitoring solutions.

Choosing the right security company for your business

  1. Is your company licensed in the state or region in which you operate? Licensing requires a business to document its service offerings, define the scope of its operations, and be current with legal and privacy requirements.
  2. What are your security needs and wants? A good provider should ask these questions up front and provide a free estimate. For example, Fabricator Warehouse Facility had requested guard cover for 477 hours per month. After reviewing their needs, a video monitoring security system by Danner’s was determined to a better solution, saving them over $42K the first year. Cameras were installed to cover the property with other electronic security measures.
  3. Does your company participate in industry events and conferences? Event-specific monitoring, above and beyond what is provided by a venue, may be required to prevent loss. Advances in digital technology and methods are constantly evolving. Companies participating in tradeshows, trade organizations and continuing education should look for security firms that are at the forefront of security industry technology.


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