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Who Is Reconeyez?

Reconeyez is a global security company that services over 35 countries including: Northern Estonia, Australia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and more. They are built on the principles of innovation, efficiency, and precision to make security and safety straightforward and convenient.

Reconeyez surpasses industry standards by presenting sophisticated, intelligent, and cost-effective security solutions that are applicable across a variety of sectors, including construction, mining, agriculture, and remote property management.


How Does Reconeyez Work?

Reconeyez Detectors utilize passive infrared (PIR) sensors and signal analysis to monitor thermal signatures within the designated area.

Upon detecting motion, the Detector promptly triggers the suitable camera based on the prevailing light conditions, captures an image, and initiates an alarm, swiftly transitioning from detection to proactive protection within seconds.

Installing and adjusting the Detector is a quick process, requiring just minutes of your time. Simply insert the batteries, and the Detector immediately begins monitoring the designated area. Engineered from scratch for autonomous functionality, it operates seamlessly without the need for human intervention for up to 400 days.

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The Detector

A cutting-edge camera system that activates autonomously upon motion detection, boasting high dynamic range capabilities to capture clear and detailed footage in varying lighting conditions.

The Bridge

A highly autonomous and reliable 4G communication gateway engineered to ensure security and steadfast performance in transmitting data.

The Siren

An autonomous audio-visual intrusion deterrent meticulously crafted to deliver persuasive impact, ensuring maximum effectiveness in dissuading potential intruders.

The Keypad

The Keypad is a wireless device tailored for the purpose of arming and disarming the Reconeyez security system. It is especially ideal for construction sites and similar environments that require frequent activation and deactivation.

The Bridge I/O

The Bridge I/O serves as a multi-frequency radio transceiver linking Reconeyez Detectors to the Command Center. It amalgamates three modules: short-range radio, long-range radio, and battery. Featuring three inputs and five outputs, the Bridge I/O ensures robust automation and security, enabling seamless integration of third-party systems and sensors with Reconeyez detectors.



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Our FREE RISK ASSESSMENT will provide you with alternative solutions to help improve the security in and around your property.

Danner’s Security has 80 years of experience in helping customers identify security risks for their assets. We provide free risk assessments that will include the risk identification, vulnerability assessments, and impact analysis on your assets.



The security professionals at Danner’s are well experienced in analyzing how to best assess each security need and can provide a custom estimate showing a breakdown of what will be included, along with an outline of pros, cons, and any associated risks.

Again, the best way to protect your business and its patrons is to prevent theft from the start. With sirens, lights, and cameras in plain view, criminals will think twice about attempting a robbery. Our cameras are mobile-ready, streaming surveillance footage to your smartphone, mobile device, or computer 24-hours a day. When you can’t watch what’s going on, we’re on call to monitor your site from our dispatch command center.

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