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Custom Security System for Your Business

Serving Houston & Surrounding Areas

Danner’s has 80 years of experience providing security services for businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Our security solutions can be deployed across several industries, and we specialize in customizing our offerings to the unique needs of each industry we serve.

We use the latest security technologies available to ensure the industries we serve are fully protected against the both the newest and most common security threats.

When it comes to custom security systems for your business, trust the experience of Danner’s Security.


Our high-tech custom video surveillance systems provide comprehensive security for various industries with unique security concerns including:


-Granite & Marble Yards
-Home Improvement Stores
-Machine Shops


Our FREE RISK ASSESSMENT will provide you with alternative solutions to help improve the security in and around your property.

Danner’s Security has 80 years of experience in helping customers identify security risks for their assets. We provide free risk assessments that will include the risk identification, vulnerability assessments, and impact analysis on your assets. Contact us today for a free quote.