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About Us

Brad Maxcey


Brad is a key component of the executive team at Danner’s, Inc. and spends his time making sure the Danner’s team delivers superior security and service to Danner’s clients. When he’s not keeping the machine humming, Brad serves as vice president of the Houston International Seafarers board as well as serving on the board of the Greater Houston Port Bureau.

C12 LogoBrad is a member of the C12 Group.

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Guy Savage

Director of Sales

A veteran of multiple industries, Guy has customized solutions for a range of clients, including; construction, industrial, automotive, commercial, and facility protection. Guy is very perceptive and analytical, delivering modern, cost-effective security solution options. Guy was a consultant, business analyst, and held senior positions in the oil & gas and environmental testing industries.

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Christopher Keeble

Security & Surveillance Operations

Christopher Keeble advises businesses on the best, customized security solution to reduce loss and deter crime. He got his start consulting with commercial clients for the largest security company in the world and is familiar with burglar alarm systems, access control, and CCTV. If you’d like a no-nonsense approach to assessing then reducing risk at your business, contact Christopher now.

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Mandy Knight

Sales Coordinator

Mandy joined our sales team in 2020, equipped with an extensive customer service background in a variety of industries including automotive, first aid and safety. Currently working on her MBA, Mandy continues to bring new and forward-thinking security solutions to meet the needs of each customer and our sales team.

Danners Security Timeline

Danner’s History

Founded by D.D. Danner in 1939 in the burgeoning shipping center of the West Gulf Coast, Danner’s Incorporated has a long-standing reputation of meeting and exceeding the service needs of clients around the Gulf. Danner’s Incorporated gulf presence expanded in the late 1980’s with the opening of offices in Port Arthur and Freeport.

These new offices immediately brought about faster turnaround times and reduced costs for our clients and made Danner’s one of the most trusted independent maritime services company in the Gulf Coast area.

Meanwhile, in the spring of 2002, Danner’s security and transportation continued to grow due to the demanding need for experienced maritime security personnel and raised requirements by Homeland Security. Combining our experienced and dedicated staffs has strengthened our ability and commitment to continue serving your needs beyond expectations.

In 2006, Danner’s Security went on to expand their security services by offering live video monitoring services. In 2007, Danner’s Security began offering these live video monitoring solutions that included mobile camera monitoring trailers and pole/wall mounted monitoring systems. In 2012, they added hardware and software solutions that gave them an edge over the competition with improved detection capabilities.

Security is necessary for everyone today and our focus has always been on providing our customers with the most cost-effective security solution we can find. What makes us great is we have over 74 years of experience with traditional security services. Our team will always look for the most cost-effective solution that will meet all your needs for security at a price you can afford.

Timeline Details

1937 During the late 1930’s D.D. Danner recognized the Houston area needed a quality security service during the war years.
1938 D.D. Danner signs first security account with Wal-greens Drug Stores in Houston for $15.00 a day.
1939 Permission was given by City Council to D.D. Danner to establish a Watchmen Service. Danner’s Security Service was established.
1944 Danner’s begins handling terminal security and vessel security including stowaways and repatriations.
1947 Danner’s starts to provide crew transportation and opens the transportation side of business.
1951 Danner’s guard service provides Port Security during Major Port Strike.
1960 Danner’s opens Hot Shot and Freight Service.
2001 Homeland Security raises the immediate need for Maritime Security.
2002 Danner’s continues to provide Maritime guards and launches special unit, specifically designed to meet new Maritime Security Requirements.
2004 Danner’s Celebrates 65 Years of Business in the Gulf Coast.
2006 Danner’s Security begins offering live video monitoring services.
2007 Danner’s Security begins offering mobile surveillance solutions for their customers.
2012 Danner’s Security Division upgrades hardware and software systems to improve detection capabilities for video surveillance monitoring.
2013 Danner’s Inc. launches two new websites for Danner’s Security and Danner’s Maritime Transportation services.


We know what works! Security is what we have been doing for 80 years and we fully understand all types of traditional security services. Our mission statement: The company pledge is to provide quality services to all our clients using strategic planning and communication technology while meeting or exceeding the needs of each customer. Along with our traditional security services, we offer new technology that meets our mission statement for our clients today and we will always strive in providing the most cost-effective solutions for our clients tomorrow.

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