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See Our Security Solutions in Action

Would-be thieves CAUGHT before they could commit a crime.

West Point Lincoln Testimonial

Chris Poulis from West Point Lincoln describes his experience with Danner’s Security along with the advantages of installing a digital security system and avoiding the pitfalls that come with…

Potential Theft: Car Back Out by Cat Digger

In the dead of night, a few loiterers start to wander around a construction site and pay special attention to the heavy equipment. Within seconds, the alarm is triggered…

Attempted Theft Compilation: Danner's At Work

Watch as trespassers and potential thieves attempt to gain access to private property as they are unaware they are being watched. Alarms, strobe lights, and live voice…


Our high-tech custom video surveillance systems provide comprehensive security for various industries with unique security concerns including:

-Granite & Marble Yards
-Home Improvement Stores
-Machine Shops


Our cameras are mobile ready, streaming surveillance footage to your smartphone, mobile device, or computer 24 hours a day. And when you can’t watch what’s going on, we’re on call to monitor your site from our dispatch command center. Call us today at (713) 597-7402 to learn more about the custom video surveillance systems available for your business.