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Did you know commercial construction sites are hit with more than $1 billion in heavy equipment theft annually? Additionally, residential construction sites lose more than $4 billion in theft and vandalism every year. Over 70% of these thefts come from unmonitored and unsecured construction jobsites. With rising construction costs, protecting your materials and tools is more important than ever to ensure construction security.

With Danner’s Security always watching, you can leave your construction site and jobsite with peace of mind. Danner’s has been protecting businesses for over 80 years and offers incomparable service and knowledge of the security industry. Below are seven proven methods to improve your on-site security.


Mobile and portable surveillance cameras are an ideal solution for residential build sites, commercial job sites, and temporary locations where conventional security may be needed. When you need to provide a large security presence at a construction site or industrial location, our clearly marked and well-equipped surveillance trailers let criminals know someone is watching their every move.

Our mobile trailers feature:

  • Portable construction site security cameras
  • Surveillance streamed remotely from cell phone or computer
  • Independent solar battery
  • Low light camera visibility
  • Reliable, go anywhere mobile surveillance

Danners Mobile Security Camera

In addition to our popular security trailers, Danner’s Security offers temporary pole-mounted surveillance at lower costs to owners and project managers. Our affordable pole-mounted systems come with enhanced analytics for human and vehicle detection and can be set up quickly.

The superior analytic performance increases camera effectiveness and lowers cost for remote monitoring deployments. Wherever jobsite security cameras are needed, Danner’s has the necessary products to protect your assets.

With our mobile and pole-mounted systems, your property can remain secure in even the most remote location. Flexibility in camera deployment ensures that your entire property is covered with minimal to no blind spots. Jobsite security camera systems and jobsite security camera rentals can live-stream your security feed for remote monitoring then be returned upon project completion.

Watch the video as a man was spotted on camera wandering through a vacant construction site. Though lights were on and alarms sounded, the intruder was able to gain access to a truck. Without these cameras watching in real time and Danner’s quick to act, the police may not have been able to recover the truck.


Do you have construction site video equipment already installed but no one to monitor the cameras? We have trained professionals who vigilantly watch property 24/7/365. On top of that, we’ll install the latest technology to ensure your property is always being watched by the best systems.

  • Our highly trained monitoring officers are ready to handle potential threats and suspicious behavior with quick response.
  • The command center keeps a running and safely secured record of the video events to be used as evidence.
  • When Danner’s Security calls the police, they respond fast because they know it’s a serious matter and not another false alarm.

Our construction site security monitoring services ensure that your property is being protected with watchful eyes both day and night. Danner’s offers the most effective and economical way to prevent construction site theft.

The days of grainy videos from a fixed position that do little more than document a theft as it occurs are over. Modern video surveillance technology has developed throughout the years for us to offer effective but affordable security solutions.

In the video below, our night-vision cameras pick up a person roaming through a site. Knowing the trespasser shouldn’t be there, our Danner’s monitoring professional called the police and the person was ticketed.


Professional cameras installed in your construction site are a worthwhile investment but what if something dangerous is happening or an immediate need is recognized? Loud alarms and sirens can provide the shock and panic an intruder needs to flee your site empty-handed.

The very real and sudden threat of exposure and police intervention generally compels intruders to drop what they’re doing and flee as quickly as possible. Strike fear into the hearts of the intruders with our audible, ear-piercing alarms and sirens and flashing lights for everyone to see.

Sometimes curiosity gets the best of people. In the video, you’ll see teenagers going into places they shouldn’t. As alarms begin to blare, these trespassers immediately take off.


Our FREE RISK ASSESSMENT will provide you with alternative solutions to help improve the security in and around your property.

Danner’s Security has 80 years of experience in helping customers identify security risks for their assets. We provide free risk assessments that will include the risk identification, vulnerability assessments, and impact analysis on your assets.



The appearance of cameras, lights, and signs aren’t the only things that will scare an intruder away. Another valuable feature in our array of security solutions is our enhanced speaker voice down capabilities. When we suspect criminal activity is happening, we don’t just set off loud sirens and fancy strobe lights. Our monitoring operators talk down live to the person(s) in the viewing area with descriptions and clear instructions of what they are seeing.

The monitor may call out the number of individuals they see along with telling the intruders that the police are on their way. Having this technology immediately alerts anyone nearby that the area is being actively watched by a real person with authoritative connections.

Here, a group of sneaky trespassers dressed in all black has their thievery busted before they even get started. Thanks to voice call down technology, the client’s property was kept safe.


Jobsite and construction site security guard services are often thought of as the most effective solution for construction sites looking to secure assets in remote locations, as many believe that a human presence on-site provides an unbeatable layer of protection.

Though guards may be an appropriate solution for certain situations, intruders may be savvy enough to slip past them and complete the robbery without anyone noticing since a human can only be in one place at a time. A hired guard along with supplemental security can provide all around protection with watchful eyes from above rather than in one spot.


Access control systems are scalable construction security solutions that can be applied to smaller office buildings or large, multi-site facilities depending on the needs and requirements of the industry of business. For construction sites, this solution would help restrict or grant access to people who need it most. Access control allows you to keep your assets safe and secure with peace of mind.


With control features like fingerprint scans and biometric integrations, access badges with multiple identities, and custom reports, your valuables and assets will safely remain behind closed doors.

Access Control

An effective access control system allows businesses to:

  • Restrict access to materials, assets, and physical spaces.
  • Monitor employment movement and provide on-the-spot access to visitors and contractors.
  • Selectively apply higher security protocols to meet regulatory compliance objectives for sensitive data, networks and high-value assets.


Project managers must be constantly vigilant about outside threats such as unauthorized visitors, thieves, and limiting the access needs of employees or contractors. When combined with additional services such as security cameras and video monitoring services, you’re able to effectively track asset movement across the entirety of the business.

Remotely manage access to physical locations or logistical assets within your organization with access control solutions from Danner’s Security.


Construction sites and jobsites are often considered quick and easy targets for thieves compared to conventional robbery targets. Several factors offer a high return on investment for thieves like:

  • Remote and/or dark locations
  • Poorly secured open-air worksites or locations
  • Disorganized or scattered materials in the jobsite
  • High-value items at jobsites such as heavy machinery, tools, copper piping, and wood

If jobsite camera security solutions are not taken seriously, the problem of construction site theft will continue to happen. In order to reduce the likelihood that you will be a victim of theft and/or damage, there are several everyday measures that can be taken.


If you have a temporary pole, you can put a light on it. This simple act of adding light to your area provides not only a deterrent but also helps to identify faces and figures if an unwanted visitor shows up. Like fencing, you can buy or rent security lighting at an affordable price.

“The cost of overnight lighting is a public relations bargain, too, because it tells law enforcement agencies you want to help them protect your property and cut down on crime in the area,” says Doug Givans, a former police officer who’s now a security specialist for the University of Louisville. In addition, Givans points out, would-be thieves who may be casing the area can spot a good lighting system during the day.

Remember, thieves see the dark as protection. A well-lit construction site is not seen as much of an opportunity compared to one with no light source. Effectively lit areas have a preventative effect of thinking that the site is occupied. This naturally increases the risk for an intruder that they will be seen, thus possibly passing up the robbery location as they search for a more vulnerable site.

If lighting the entire worksite is too costly, motion sensors and lights on timers can also have a secure effect and require less overhead.


At the most basic level, each jobsite should have adequate signage posted. Just as houses have “Beware of Dog!” signs posted on the fence, construction zones need to have proper warning signs to make intruders think twice about entering the premises.

Clear and easily visible signage helps prevent all kinds of theft and vandalism many sites experience including that of simple teenagers. Not all jobsite vandalism is about obtaining valuable equipment or stealing a truck. Sometimes, a young person or someone roaming the streets will wander into your site looking for something to do. These clearly marked signs can aid in discouraging any kind of ill-intentioned activity.



Just as with lighting and signage, to increase construction security, fencing that surrounds a site is a must. This is a relatively inexpensive feature and can offer a clear indication to any outsiders that the area is strictly off limits. Unlike cameras and active security measures, fences offer little protection in the way of actual security. They are more of a barrier than a security method and can be easily cut, climbed over, and breached through other ways. However, they do create an obstacle between your assets and a potential thief.

Many companies offer chain-link fencing to buy or rent. For jobsites, chain-link fencing is the best because buildings and activity remain visible at all times. Adding another barrier to the fence like heavy-duty padlocks further secures your valuables. Fences can be scaled or cut by determined intruders, but the barriers will slow them down or possibly convince them to pass up your site.

Though fencing helps your site as a barrier to entry, to properly secure your assets and attempt to actively prevent theft, advanced security items such as alarms, physical guards, jobsite security cameras, and video monitoring services, are essential.


The security professionals at Danner’s are well experienced in analyzing how to best assess each security need and can provide a custom estimate showing a breakdown of what will be included, along with an outline of pros, cons, and any associated risks.

Again, the best way to protect your business and its patrons is to prevent theft from the start. With sirens, lights, and cameras in plain view, criminals will think twice about attempting a robbery. Our cameras are mobile-ready, streaming surveillance footage to your smartphone, mobile device, or computer 24-hours a day. When you can’t watch what’s going on, we’re on call to monitor your site from our dispatch command center.

Call us today at (713) 597-7402 to learn more about the custom video surveillance systems available for your site.