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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

“I want to send a shoutout to your weekend crew and supervisor! They always go above and beyond to look out for us on the weekends! This past weekend, in particular, was a busy weekend with the holiday and some of our folks were working their scheduled days, and some were on site, that I was not aware of, until the very last moment.

Your team always reaches out, in such a very professional manner, to communicate personnel on site, and determine the activity of any movement. With what seems to be no bother to them, they also always welcome my calls and communication with them as well!

There was also a particular moment, on New Year’s Day, where this wonderful supervisor of yours knows that the Supt. of the job site (who they also know as my husband) was out there working alone, and went out of their way to ensure that they would keep an eye on him, and make sure that he was okay throughout the day! They did not have to do this! As we all know, being on a construction site, anything can happen and being out there by yourself, anything can happen, and no one would know about it. With their reassurance, I did not have to worry, and that was such a relief to me! I’m very honored and blessed to have reassurance that our crews / property are in good hands!”

Suzette La Grange

Trinity Residential Development, LLC

“I want to thank you for the excellent service you and your team provided International Energy Services.  The placement of your remote monitoring device paid off in spades for IES but not so much for the guy the police caught in our yard the other night.

It worked as advertised in that situation and I am sure it has deterred others thinking about pilfering our property. Again, thanks for the good work.”

Eric M Counts, CEO

International Energy Services

“Danners Security hasn’t been merely a vendor of “Company Confidential” – they have been a trusted partner in helping us alleviate a great deal of theft over the years. Not only have they helped us make six different arrests, they also added more patrols when our security camera system was being upgraded.  Chris Keeble and his team are always willing to help, and this allows us to feel secure that our property is in good hands.  If we were to hire a private security guard, our costs would double overnight, and our coverage would be greatly diminished.  In that regard, Danners helps us achieve a secure facility, at a fraction of the cost.”

Scrap Metal Facility, Houston, TX

Name and company withheld for privacy reasons.  Please contact us at (713) 766-0083 for references.

“Danners used cameras to follow a thief trying to evade officers, keeping the officers one step ahead.  The thief would have escaped had it not been for Danners.”

Tractor Equipment Company

Name withheld for privacy reasons.  Please contact us at (713) 766-0083 for references.


“We called Danners Security asking for a guard to cover approximately 477 hours per month.  Guy Savage came out and provided a free security consultation and determined that they could provide us with a video monitoring security system for a fraction of the costs compared to having one guard.  Danners Security team installed cameras to cover our property along with other electronic security measures.  This solution will save us over $42,000 in the first year and we expect our ROI after five years will be over $275,000.”

Fabricator Warehouse Facility, Corpus Christi, TX

Name and company withheld for privacy reasons.  Please contact us at (713) 766-0083 for references.

“We were spending over $8,000 on Security Guard services.  Although their new video monitoring services were going to be at a fraction of what we were spending on guards, we were a little skeptical at first.  We were using Danner’s security guards and they approached us with the idea of upgrading our existing camera system and having them monitor the cameras for us.  We have caught several individuals attempting to break into our vehicles numerous times that has resulted in us not having to turn in another insurance claim.  We have no reservations recommending Danner’s security monitoring services to anyone that is experiencing losses.”

Auto Dealership Location

Name and company withheld for privacy reasons.  Please contact us at (713) 766-0083 for references.