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Danner's Car Rental Dealership Security Cameras

Benefits of Camera Systems for Car Dealership Security

When criminals are casing potential locations to commit a crime, statistics show they veer toward easy targets where there is a quick in-and-out opportunity with high reward.

Because of this, car dealerships are often a common target for thieves. Items like catalytic converters, custom accessories, and more make easy targets for thieves and offer a high return. In addition, inventory is often kept outside in lots rather than secured buildings, removing one barrier of security from the equation.

As a potentially attractive target, car dealerships need to be especially aware of striking a balance between effectively securing the assets on the lot while allowing legitimate customers to freely browse and interact with the inventory.

Security guards and fences have been the traditional means of securing lots, but larger car centers have mostly made these stalwarts ineffective. With advances in camera systems and streaming technology, customized camera surveillance and video monitoring systems provide the best option for car dealership security.

If you are still relying on outdated methods, here are three reasons why your car dealership security plan needs to include camera systems:

Car Dealership Rental Security

1. Deterrence and Prevention

Auto dealers are in a unique situation when it comes to securing assets. Traditional methods such as heavy fencing and on-site security guards can sometimes effectively deter criminals, but they can also deter customers. After all, no one wants to feel like they are entering a prison yard when they are buying a car.

Surveillance cameras help to solve both of these problems. Potential criminals look beyond just fences and security guards and are sure to recognize a high-tech security system, as well as understand that this is harder to circumvent than a security fence. Security cameras actively record a property and can be remotely monitored, meaning the risk is far too great for criminals. For these reasons, security cameras can be an effective deterrent against crime. Conversely, your camera system is most likely to go unnoticed by most customers, allowing you to present a welcoming and presentable lot to your customers while ensuring that your assets are protected.

2. Always on Protection

One of the top benefits of surveillance camera systems is the “always on” ability. Modern camera systems are excellent at providing streaming, live digital video to any device at any time. Furthermore, monitored services allow your cameras to be continually watched by a live individual, ensuring that someone is always watching and authorities are alerted the second there is an incident.

What many business owners don’t consider, however, is surveillance cameras are also just as useful during the day. Just because it is business hours doesn’t mean that your assets are completely safe. Crowded business times are prime opportunities for crafty criminals to use the cover of decreased watchfulness to steal smaller items, vandalize property, or case certain parts of your operation.

Having an always-on security system means that you are not just monitoring your assets when you THINK a criminal will strike; you are providing constant protection for your inventory at all times, day or night.

3. Monitor Customers to Improve Business

monitor car dealership

When it comes to surveillance cameras, many business owners only think of one thing: security. While this is rightfully so, there are other additional benefits of having a surveillance camera system in place. When you have video monitoring, you can use it not just to deter potential criminals, but also to monitor legitimate customers.

With a well-installed system, you can ensure that you see every corner of your property and how your staff interacts with customers. Are they reaching them in an appropriate amount of time? Are customers becoming confused on your lot? What areas are they showing the most interest in? Information such as this can be turned into actionable changes at your business that can potentially increase profitability and efficiency.

Work with Danner’s to Secure Your Business

As a trusted provider of security services in Houston for more than 75 years, Danner’s Security specializes in working one-on-one with businesses to craft custom plans that address their security needs.

Let Danner’s demonstrate how effective a video surveillance system at your business can be in securing your assets. Contact us today for a free estimate.