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construction jobsite security

Danner’s Security Keeps an Eye On Your Jobsite


Construction site security helps keep the job on time and the budget in line. That’s why Danner’s Security has made keeping an eye on jobsites one of its top priorities.


Guy Savage, Director of Sales at Danner’s, explained that construction sites are on top of the list when it comes to locations at increased risk for theft and property damage. “When you look at the statistics, Houston has the highest construction theft in the nation,” he said. “Thefts pick up as soon as construction starts going full swing in early spring with thefts peaking around July and August,” said Savage, whose company uses the latest technology to stem thefts. “Construction thefts don’t drop off until December, and they don’t drop off by much,” he added.


In a recent survey, the National Equipment Register reported that Houston was first in the top 10 cities for equipment theft with Conroe right behind it. Annually, the cost to contractors ranges between $300 million and $1 billion.


Savage explained that there are a number of reasons that jobsites are targeted. They are often exposed with porous fencing, contain highly valuable items and have a number of individuals visiting the site. The copper piping, tools and machines can pique thieves’ interest. Taking the necessary precautions to make the jobsite as secure as possible is a must for those in charge.


“Security, a lot of times, is a reactive business,” Savage said. “Our new customers often come from referrals. They’ve heard that we do a great job mitigating their security concerns.” “Danner’s spent time evaluating the best way to protect jobsites – and using security cameras with sophisticated new software simply makes the most sense when it comes to protecting clients’ property”, Savage said.


Mobile units containing cameras can be set up around the site. “They’re very versatile, and you can put them almost anywhere,” Savage said. Unlike a live guard, these cameras are always on. With multiple mobile units, most of the viewpoints of a jobsite are covered.

Enhanced detection software helps spot unwanted suspects on the camera and takes a number of images, tracking the individual around the construction site. Once the system is alerted, a voice calls down to the perpetrator – giving a warning and notifying the police. “Our number one goal is to be a deterrent,” Savage said. “Let’s get them out of there before any damage occurs.” The cameras and advanced analytics recognize unusual motion on the jobsite. “The technology we use depends on the environment,” Savage added. “We decide what’s best for each individual site.”


He explained that installing the right hardware solution may seem expensive upfront – but the cost pales in comparison to hiring additional security guards. After an initial investment, clients realize their savings – and that they can cover more ground for less. “Our cameras are always on,” Savage said. “They don’t sleep. They don’t show up late. When something happens, our command center is on it. We keep close track on everything for quality control.” He also recommends equipping jobsites with additional signage stating that the property is private and trespassing forbidden. Fencing, locks and good lighting are also key to protecting assets.


“Modern video surveillance technology has the power to protect what even a fence and lock cannot do,” Savage said. In addition to being flexible in their placement on the site and live streaming for remote monitoring, units can be used for the duration of a project and then returned once it is completed. Perhaps most important is being proactive.


“A lot of people roll the dice, and some get lucky,” Savage said. “But more and more companies are building security into their budgets. Get your mobile surveillance out there and begin monitoring.”


Gary Cherry, superintendent for Prime Contractors, recommends Danner’s for jobsite security to others in his industry. “Everywhere I go, if someone asks me about security, I send them to Danner’s,” he said. He’s personally seen the power of the mobile camera units to stop thieves. “They quit trying to break into the construction fence,” he said. “It’s a good system, and it’s a 24/7 deal.”


Cherry said that luck led his company to Danner’s – and now they’re loyal fans. “Even if you don’t have power on your site yet, they have efficient units that are solar-powered,” he said. “We use Danner’s on every big site we have.”


Danner’s has 80 years of experience crafting custom plans to address the security needs of each business it serves. Tailoring technology and practices to each client is part of the company’s recipe for success.


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