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Danner’s Security Defines the Future of Auto Dealer Security

Company With a Dedicated History Moves Into Future with AI Surveillance

 West Point Lincoln’s General Manager Chris Poulos knew something had to change after a break-in damaged the dealership.


“I had hired guards on site, and they didn’t catch him,” he recalled. “I had to go do something else.” He asked another dealership for advice – and that’s how he heard about Danner’s Security. The company not only provides on-the-ground security guards but also cutting-edge video technology to monitor businesses and construction sites. Danner’s expert staff assessed West Point Lincoln and installed cameras, mapping out the best locations and sight lines for surveillance.


Now, Poulos uses the system not only for security but also to keep an eye on employees and customers. “We can see what’s going on in our property,” he said. He can also keep track at home or on his phone. “I’m well ahead of the game,” he said. Guy Savage, Director of Sales at Danner’s, wants all his clients to have that same sense of confidence when it comes to security.


He explained that the company spent time evaluating the best way to protect car dealerships – and security cameras with new software simply made the most sense. “There are inefficiencies of a live guard, watching these large locations,” Savage said. “You can’t expect them to walk around the whole time. You can’t even expect them to ride a golf cart around the whole time.” Large lots and bad weather can cause a lapse of patrols for guards. New technology, however, eliminates that problem.


“We now have the capability of an AI search,” Savage said. “It’s really new software. I don’t see a lot of people using it, but it’s out there.” Computers are able to identify an unwanted suspect on the camera and take a number of images, tracking the individual around the dealership. Once the system is alerted, a voice calls down to the perpetrator – giving a warning at first and later notifying the police.


Savage explained that installing the cameras and computer system may seem expensive up front – but the cost pales in comparison to hiring additional security guards. “There’s an initial investment, but I can show a positive ROI within the year,” he said. “Then, you really start seeing the savings. It just makes sense. You cover more ground, and you can do it for a lot less.” Most damage at dealerships happens during the day, Savage said. That’s why expert installers are needed to make sure the cameras capture as much as possible at all times.


Having fencing and a lot of guards can sometimes deter customers as well as criminals. “No one wants to feel like they are entering a prison yard when they are buying a car,” Danner’s President Brad Maxcey said. A camera system, on the other hand, is inconspicuous, often going unnoticed. Also, digital surveillance is always in operation. Monitored systems are continually watched to ensure incidents are handled appropriately.


Danner’s has a proven track record, with 80 years of experience crafting custom plans to address the security needs of each business it serves. Maxcey explained that keeping up with technology and best practices is the key to the company’s success and has been critical in solving clients’ security needs. He joined the company in 2002, wanting to help his family meet the growing needs established by Homeland Security. He also helped the business acquire new technology.

In 2006, the company started offering surveillance services to provide 24-hour security for clients. By 2012, Danner’s gained a leg-up on the competition through added hardware and software solutions with improved detection capabilities. Recently, the company created a niche in the solar surveillance industry.


“Security is necessary for everyone today and our focus has always been on providing our customers with the most cost-effective security solution we can find,” Maxcey said. “We have a dedicated staff and a history of serving our clients’ needs beyond their expectations.”


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