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Guard Against Crime with Hidden and Visible Surveillance Cameras

Installing a system of surveillance cameras is one of the simplest and most effective strategies to implement when it comes to protecting your business and property. Security cameras continue to remain a popular option as they make a concrete record of any action taking place on the property, which can be handy for tracking down and prosecuting the offender.

If you are considering security cameras for your business, there are two ways to think about the subject. You can either install discreet, hidden cameras or opt to install high visibility cameras in the open. Both have the same end goal in mind, but based on business type, one could be a better fit than the other.

Benefits of Hidden Security Cameras for Businesses

The choice in any security system lies upon the needs of the business. For extremely client facing businesses, hidden security cameras may be better for creating a welcoming environment for customers while still maintaining a secure environment.

Hidden cameras strategically positioned on a property help to keep a clean aesthetic and are an unobtrusive way to ensure security and safety. Plus, their hidden presence encourages natural behavior, even from criminals, who may not attempt to be as discreet or hide their identities.


Benefits of Visible Security Cameras for Businesses

For businesses that are in a remote location or not particularly client facing, the best way to fight crime is to stop it before it happens. Visible security cameras are oftentimes the right choice for the situation.

Many times criminals will simply act because they see the opportunity. Visible security cameras are meant to deter that opportunity and to instill fear in a criminal that the crime will not be easy and that they will be caught. Installing visible cameras is a sure sign that you take the security of your business seriously and that you have every intention of protecting and securing your assets from intruders and theft.

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Improve Your Security with Cameras

Whether you decide to use hidden cameras, visible, or a combination of both, improving the security of your business is overwhelmingly a positive step in the right direction toward ensuring your business is not a target of crime.

Security cameras are a scalable solution that can adapt to the needs of your business over time. A few cameras can be installed in high-traffic/high-risk areas at the beginning, and then the system gradually expanded as budget and needs allowed.

Technology has also evolved in a way that fewer cameras can cover more territory. They can pan, scan, and monitor a much wider range than fixed cameras of years past. Plus, when they are paired with our live video monitoring, a real person can be behind the wheel making sure any potential signs of threat are accurately captured and dealt with – in real time

Contact Danner’s for a Free Consultation

When it comes to choosing security options for your business, Danner’s can help to evaluate your unique security needs and recommend the best way to secure your property and assets against crime. No out of the box solution is perfect for every business, which is why it is important to work with experienced experts who can listen to your concerns and create a solution that is both cost and security effective.

The security solutions from Danner’s are the best in the business and go a long way to making sure your business is safe and secure. We can set up any combination of security features necessary to earn your business and trust.

Contact Danner’s today for a complimentary security evaluation for your business.