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pole mounted security

Home Construction Security with Danner’s Pole Mounted Cameras

We shared some crime prevention tips last year, listing some common-sense strategies for business owners to reduce crime on their properties. Today we’re expanding on those tips. Homebuilders, neighborhood associations, house flippers, and other real estate or property industry professionals can use strategically placed surveillance cameras on their sites to avoid the high costs of crime. If you want to secure your property investment or master planned community, here are a few quick tips to secure your site.

Portable Surveillance: Security Trailers & Pole Mounted Cameras

Our mobile/portable surveillance solutions are ideal for residential build sites, construction areas, and other temporary job sites.  When you need to provide a large presence at a construction site or industrial location, clearly marked trailers with surveillance cameras let criminals know someone is watching their activity.

In addition to our popular security trailers, Danner’s Security offers temporary pole mounted surveillance at lower costs to the owners and project managers.  The systems come equipped with enhanced analytics for human and vehicle detection.

Superior analytic performance increases effectiveness and lowers cost for remote monitoring deployments.

Voice Down Capabilities

Another great added feature to our mobile solutions is with our enhanced speaker voice down capabilities.  We don’t just set off loud sirens and fancy strobe lights when we suspect criminal activity is present.  Our monitoring operators talk down live to the person(s) in the viewing area.

They may call out the number of individuals they see along with their descriptions while telling that the police are on their way.

pole mounted camera

Watch Real Attempted Break-in: Danner’s Voice Down Security in Action

Quality and Value

With Danner’s Security mobile surveillance solutions, you can:

  • Superior alarm accuracy. Advanced video analytics significantly reduce false alarms and accurately differentiate legitimate threats from benign scene activity. Self-learning video analytics mean they get smarter after each event.
  • Always ON. Securing multi-site areas with guards is expensive and they can’t be everywhere all the time. Danner’s Pole Mounted Solution watches 24/7/365, does not fall asleep, look the wrong way or even blink. With mobile and professional monitoring options, you always know what’s happening.
  • Lower security costs. Our advanced video analytics enable your system to see further and detect more activity than a traditional system. Our intrusion prevention system cover acres of property and send instant alert notifications to security personnel helping facilities and job locations secure more perimeter miles at a fraction of the costs of on-site guards.