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Employee stealing money from the cash register

Preventing and Responding to Employee Theft

One of the top security concerns for business owners is the theft of expensive supplies and equipment. Oftentimes a crime such as this is conducted by outside sources, however it is equally important to be concerned about internal security.

Even if you have the utmost trust in your employees, a comprehensive security plan to protect your assets from outside crime can also help to deter internal theft.

  • Have a two-person system in place. Ensure that whenever valuable assets are delivered and signed for, two people verify amount and delivery.
  • Limit access when necessary. Having open access to equipment and materials can be great for convenience and efficiency, but it is also great for making things convenient and easy to steal. Honestly, consider how much benefit open access provides in conjunction with the potential risk.
  • Review anomalies immediately. Never write-off anomalies to human error or a one-time mistake. Ensure that any errors are accounted for and explained.

Employee stealing money from the cash register

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Unfortunately, sometimes even the best employees can be tempted and commit a crime. If you suspect an employee of theft or misconduct, we recommend these actions to ensure a smart outcome.

  • If you see a problem, the first thing is to decide to take action. Having a firm policy in place and sticking to these policies can help to limit the leeway employees think they have and ensure conformity.
  • If you think there is a problem, launch an investigation. Collect video surveillance, gather hard evidence and look for patterns of behavior in suspected employees.
  • Speak with the individual. The investigation cannot be one-sided. Speak with the employee to determine their side of the story. You can make the choice as to whether or not to offer forgiveness, but this cannot be done without hearing all sides of the story.
  • Learn from the experience. Occurrences of employee misconduct or theft are often the result of lax oversight or unclear processes. Review how the employee committed the act to determine if they uncovered any glaring holes in your security plan. If they did, fix them. Also, consider if these same holes could be exploited by thieves and scam artists.

Partner with Danner’s for Your Security Needs

Many times employee theft is overlooked, but the results can be just as bad as outside theft. Luckily, the team at Danner’s is experienced in evaluating your security situation from all perspectives. We will conduct an on-site evaluation to determine the best cost-effective security solutions for your needs.

With more than 75 years of security experience in the Greater Houston area, you can trust the team at Danner’s to provide you with the ultimate security solution. Call Danner’s today at (713) 597-7495 to get started.