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Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry Systems

One of the most pressing issues for businesses of all sizes is how best to grant access to authorized personnel and keep out intruders.

For centuries, the lock-and-key system has been the dominant method through which to secure doors, warehouses, and other business areas to those with authorized access. However, thanks to modern technology, keyless entry systems have gained significant traction among businesses for their flexibility, increased security options, and other additional benefits. Here we explore the pros and cons of keyless entry systems so that you may decide whether or not this is the right security option for your business.

Pros of Keyless Entry Systems

  • Keys are not lost. With keyless entry systems, an area is most often secured by coded access through a keypad, fingerprint scanner, keycard, or other means. For businesses with a large number of employees, this means you won’t have to worry about keys becoming lost and ending up in the wrong hands.
  • No need for “emergency” keys. With the popularity of keyed locks has also come the common practice of hiding an “emergency” key somewhere in case a key is misplaced, broken, or stolen. With keyless entry systems, there is no need for emergency keys, which reduces your risk of unauthorized access.
  • Access is monitored. With keyless entry, each authorized user can be assigned a specific code with which to gain access. Also, keyless entry systems provide a log so you can see who gained access to a secure area and when. This allows employees to be accountable for their own code and can reduce code sharing and access by unauthorized personnel – something not possible with a key.

Cons of Keyless Entry Systems

  • Malfunction due to power failure. Since almost all modern keyless entry systems are electronic, there is a risk of the system not functioning correctly due to power failure. This could mean that either your business is left locked because you are unable to enter a valid access code or the system is unable to lock and secure your business because it lacks the electricity to do so. Before installing any keyless lock system, consider which options best allow you to gain access to or secure your business in case of power failure.
  • Forgetfulness. As many keyless entry systems are based on codes entered by the user, there is the possibility of authorized users forgetting their code and being denied access. If you think this could be an issue for your entry system, consider a keyless locking mechanism that uses biometric scanning as an alternative.
  • Passivity. Much the same as with keyed entries, it can be easy to become passive about security and not use the benefits of keyless entry to your advantage. It is easy enough to not change security codes often or to become overwhelmed and simply use a master security code for all employees. Biometric and keycard locks can help eliminate this issue, as access is uniquely tied to each employee.

Danner’s Can Help Choose the Right Security Options for Your Business

Whatever your business, there is no single security solution that will cover all of your needs and concerns. While keyless entry systems can be an important aspect of business security, it is important to consider all the security needs of your business before making a decision. Danner’s can help.

With more than 75 years of experience providing security solutions, Danner’s has the practical knowledge needed to address the security concerns of your business and provide effective and affordable solutions. With fixed surveillance camerasmobile surveillance, and on-site security solutions, Danner’s can help to comprehensively secure your business from theft, property damage, and more.

Contact Danner’s today for a free estimate regarding the security needs of your business.