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Security Guard Monitor

5 Reasons Your Should Switch From Secuirty Guards to to Live Video Monitoring

1.) Fraction of the Cost Compared to a Security Guard

Why pay expensive security guard and patrol costs when live remote monitoring will cover your property? Security guards and patrol services can cost you thousands of dollars from your bottom line every month. A quick switch to Danner’s Mobile Security Trailers, Pole Mounted Monitoring Solutions, or Fixed Cameras provide a viable security guard replacement service that can produce a return on your investment in little as one month.

2.) Protecting Your Assets While You’re Away

Tired of your Security Guards sleeping? Our systems are equipped with the best human detection analytics on the market today. Our mobile and fixed camera solutions stream live video to our command center in seconds, providing an effective replacement for a security guard. If an intruder is detected using our advanced human analytics, our monitoring officers begin using deterrents to send them running.

3.) Live Voice Down Features

When we detect an intruder, our monitoring officers have the capability to talk down live to the intruders. This feature is very powerful due to the fact that the intruders are not aware of where the source of the live operator’s voice is coming from.

4.) Temporary Security Needs

Are you a business owner that recently experienced a loss due to vandalism or theft? In most cases, we can offer temporary Mobile Security Trailers or Pole Mounted Monitoring solutions right away to help you with monitoring your property while you’re away. After our temporary solution is in place, we can provide you with a free risk assessment on how we can help you secure your assets in the future.

5.) 80 years in Security Guard and Patrol Services

Yes, we have been in business since 1939 and we still offer security guard and patrol services. We fully understand how all of the usual security services work. We wouldn’t recommend our security guard replacement service if we didn’t think they were better.

Unsure if this is the right choice for your business?